Born in Trieste (Italy) in 1959 and began his jazz career in the late ‘70s.
He has recorded 18 albums with his own groups and has played concerts in 39 different countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia, also performing at several top jazz festivals and jazz clubs in the world, including “Catalina Jazz Club” in Hollywood, “The Blue Room” in Kansas City, “The Jazz Bakery” in Los Angeles, “Porgy & Bess” in Vienna, “Unterfahrt” in Munich, “Bennett’s Lane” in Melbourne, “Montreal Jazz Festival”, “San Sebastian Jazz Festival”, “Ocho Rios Jamaica”, “Umbria Jazz” and many others.
In the ‘80s, Magris was the leader of a jazz trio named “Gruppo Jazz Marca” and recorded 3 LP’s that were reissued  25 years later on CD format, as collector’s items, by the English label Arision. In the ‘90s, he increased wider recognition on the European and International jazz scenes performing with the “Roberto Magris Quartet” and with the progressive jazz bands “DMA Urban Jazz Funk” and “Alfabeats Nu Jazz”.
In the period 1998-2002, he was the musical director of the “Europlane Orchestra”, a central-European jazz venture sponsored by INCE-CEI (Central European Initiative). Later on, he founded the “Roberto Magris Europlane” and recorded 3 CD’s released by the historical Italian jazz label Soulnote: “Check In” (with Tony Lakatos and Michael Erian), “Il Bello Del Jazz” (with Herb Geller, the West Coast jazz icon), and “Current Views” (with Philip Catherine, Bill Molenhof a.o.). In 2008, he was celebrated as a musical composer and arranger, also performing as a special guest, on the CD “Big Band Ritmo-Sinfonica Città di Verona plays the music of Roberto Magris / Restless Spirits”, released by the Italian Velut Luna label.
In the last years, Magris has further developed his collaborations with Herb Geller and Tony Lakatos in Europe and has become the leading recording artist for JMood Records, the Kansas City jazz label. Since 2006, Magris has performed and recorded on a regular basis in the USA with such jazz legends and rising stars as Art Davis (bassist for John Coltrane), Albert “Tootie” Heath, Idris Muhammad, Sam Reed, Brandon Lee, Logan Richardson, Elisa Pruett, Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson, Matt Otto, Paul Carr, Michael O’Neill, Hermon Mehari, Jim Mair, Alonzo “Scooter” Powell a.o.. His discography on JMood Records include 9 CD’s: “Kansas City Outbound”, “Mating Call”, “Morgan Rewind vol. 1 & 2”, “One Night In With Hope And More vol. 1 & 2”, “Cannonball Funk’N Friends”, “Aliens In A BeBop Planet” and “Ready For Reed”.
In the early days of his career, Magris performed as a sideman with jazz legends Kai Winding, Eddie Lockjaw Davis and Sal Nistico. Along the years, he has also collaborated with Franco Ambrosetti, Florian Brambock, Ines Reiger, Frantisek Uhlir, the "Traditional Jazz Studio" from Prague, Ricardo Cavalli in Argentina and the African percussionists in Gabon.
About Magris’ style, jazz critic Ira Gitler wrote: “as a pianist he reflects some of his most admired models - Wynton Kelly, Tommy Flanagan, Bill Evans, Kenny Drew, Jaki Byard, Randy Weston, McCoy Tyner, Andrew Hill, Paul Bley, Don Pullen and Steve Kuhn (a varied group indeed) - in his own way. There is a quick, supple right hand and the rich harmonies of the two-handed transitions in his playing that don’t necessarily summon up instant comparisons to any of the above or others.”

International jazz pianist, composer and arranger Roberto Magris (b. 1959) from Trieste, Italy, has over 31 recordings to his credit and has toured in over 41 different countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia, performing at top jazz clubs, theatres and festivals around the world. In the latest decade, Magris has especially focused his musical interests in the USA by becoming the leading recording artist and musical director of JMood Records, the Kansas City jazz label, releasing 14 CDs under his name. In the USA, Magris has performed in Los Angeles (The Jazz Bakery and Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood), Kansas City (The Blue Room), Miami (WDNA Jazz Gallery), Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Des Moines, Ft. Lauderdale etc. In 2007 he was honored by the City Council of Kansas City for his contribution to jazz music and performance at the American Jazz Museum. In Europe, in recent years he is working with the MUH Trio (Roberto Magris/Frantisek Uhlir/Jaromir Helesic Trio), which is based in Prague. Throughout his career, Magris has performed and recorded with a who’s who list of jazz legends and outstanding musicians in the USA and Europe, including Art Davis (bassist for John Coltrane), Herb Geller, Albert Tootie Heath, Idris Muhammad, Sam Reed, Brian Lynch, Tony Lakatos, Mark Colby, Chuck Bergeron, Paul Carr, Jim Mair, Matt Otto, Philip Catherine and Franco Ambrosetti, and with a bunch of young rising stars such as Hermon Mehari, Logan Richardson, Kendall Moore, Brandon Lee, Elisa Pruett, Peter Schlamb, Dominique Sanders, Brian Steever and Pablo Sanhueza. During his career, Magris has directed the Europlane Orchestra (a central-European jazz venture sponsored by INCE-Central European Initiative), the Gruppo Jazz Marca, the acid-jazz groups Dma Urban Jazz Funk and Alfabeats Nu Jazz, and the Roberto Magris Trio/Quartet/Quintet, which have included some best Italian and European jazz musicians. Over the years, Magris interviews have been published in major international jazz magazines and websites, such as Cadence, Jazz Times, Jazz Journal, All About Jazz, Chicago Jazz Magazine, Concerto,  Jazzwax, Jazz Magazine, Musica Jazz, Musica, Jazzit.



The most interesting bop/post-bop pianist on the current European scene” (Brian Morton, Jazz Journal)

One of the finest piano players on the planet” (Edward Blanco, All About Jazz)



Magris has  performed at top jazz clubs, theatres and festivals  around the world, including Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, The Blue Room in Kansas City, The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, The WDNA Jazz Gallery in Miami, Porgy & Bess in Vienna, Reduta, Agharta and Jazz Dock in Prague, Muniak Jazz Club in Krakow, Jazz Club Gajo in Ljubljana, B.P.  Jazz Club in Zagreb, Unterfahrt in Munich, Half Note in Athens, Nardis in Istanbul, Atlantis in Basel, Bennett’s Lane in Melbourne, Thelonious and Notorious in Buenos Aires, Ruta Maya in Managua, Juan Sebastian Bar in Caracas, The Saddle in Haifa, Festival Cervantino in Mexico, Montreal Jazz Festival, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Ocho Rios Jamaica Jazz Festival, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Atlantic Jazz Festival Halifax, Mar del Plata Jazz Festival, Sofia Jazz Peak, Kaunas Jazz Festival, Galway Jazz Festival, Jazz at Hermitage Moskow, Jazzkaar Tallinn, Ecuador Jazz, Jazz en Lima, Jakarta Anniversary Festival, Hong Kong Performing Arts Center, Puppet Theatre in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Gulf Jazz Festival in Kuwait and Bahrein, in Manila, Philippines, in Uruguay, in Paraguay, in Curacao, in Libreville, Gabon, with the African traditional musicians, and at the world’s highest jazz club in Huaraz, Perù, over 3000 mt.



INTERVIEWS – Magris’s most recent interviews were published by Cadence (USA 2016), Chicago Jazz Magazine (USA 2016), Jazzit (Italy 2016),  JazzTimes (USA 2015), Jazz Journal (UK 2015), Concerto (Austria 2015), Musica (Italy 2015), “Artist of the month” at (Canada 2015), “Musician of the day” at All About Jazz (USA 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), Jazzconvention (Italy 2015), JazzWax (USA 2008), Jazz World Quest (Canada 2007), Jazzit (Italy 2006), Musica Jazz (Italy 2005), All About Jazz (USA 2004). Magris’s profile and recordings were quoted in several books about jazz music.



REVIEWS – Articles and reviews of Magris’s concerts and Cd’s have been published along the years in Down Beat, JazzTimes, New York City Jazz Record, Cadence, Jazz Inside, Jazziz, Chicago Jazz Magazine, All About Jazz, Rifftides, Jazz Hot, Jazz Podium, Jazzthetik, Goldmine, Allmusic, Jazzman, Jazz Notes, The Wire, Jazz Journal International, Jazzwise, Concerto, Orkester Journalen, Jazzrytmit, Cuadernos de Jazz, Jazzmozaiek, Jazz Flits, Jazz Review,  Musica Jazz, Jazzit, Blu Jazz, Jazzitalia, Acid Jazz, New Age & New Sounds, The Los Angeles Times, Herald Tribune, Capital Times, Pittsburgh Tribune, News & Observer, Herald Sun, La Nacion, Clarin, ABC, El Pais, Toronto Star, El Nacional, The Gleaner, Irish Times, Canberra Times, Jakarta Post, South China Morning Post, El Universal, Jerusalem Post, Nuernberger Zeitung, Mitteldeutsch Zeitung, Basler Zeitung, Tiroler Zeitung, Vjesnik, Novi List, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera Magazine, Libero, Il Fatto Quotidiano, La Discussione, Liberazione, Il Secolo d’Italia, Meridiani and in many other newspapers and magazines.



PERFORMANCES – Il jazz italiano per le terre del sisma, L’Aquila (Italy 2017), Reduta Jazz Club, Prague (Czech Rep. 2017, 2016, 2015), Trieste Loves Jazz Festival (Italy 2017, 2015, 2013, 2009, 2007), Brookfield Jazz Society, Chicago (USA 2016), NOCE, Des Moines (USA 2016), All That Jazz Café, Fort Lauderdale (USA 2016), WDNA Jazz Gallery, Miami (USA 2016), Jazz Festival Cheb (Czech Rep. 2016), Ozark Theatre, St. Louis (USA 2015), Love’s Jazz & Arts Center, Omaha (USA 2015), Caspe Terrace, Des Moines (USA 2015), Jazz by the lake, Kansas City (USA 2015, 2014), Agharta, Prague (Czech Rep. 2015, 2001), Jazz Dock, Prague (Czech Rep. 2015), Gulf Jazz Festival, Kuwait City and Manama (Kuwait and Bahrain 2013), IIC Los Angeles (USA 2010), White Field Jazz Festival, Bjielo Polje (Montenegro 2010), North City Jazz Fest, Mitrovica (Kosovo 2010), Phoenix Jazz Club, Kansas City (USA 2010,2009), Ecuador Jazz Festival, Quito (Ecuador 2009), Porgy & Bess Vienna (Austria 2009, 2008, 1994), Novi Sad Jazz Festival (Serbia 2009), Ancona Jazz (Italy 2009,1992), Summer Jazz Festival Krakow and Muniak Jazz Club (Poland 2012, 2009,2006), Jazz Time Rijeka (Croatia 2009,1998,1997,1994), The Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles (USA 2008, 2006), Distrito Jazz Bilbao (Spain 2008),  Europa Jazz Fest Bucharest (Romania 2008), Manila Piazza Italia Expo (Philippines 2008), The Blue Room, Kansas City (USA 2007), Galway Jazz Festival (Ireland 2007), Nomme Jazz Festival, Tallinn (Estonia 2007), Nardis Jazz Club, Istanbul (Turkey 2007), Downtown Sambosi Jazz Festival, Budapest (Hungary 2007), Catalina’s Jazz Club, Los Angeles (USA 2006), Jazz at the Hermitage Garden, Moscow (Russia 2006), Umbria Jazz (Italy 2006), Notorious and Thelonious, Buenos Aires (Argentina 2006), Centre Culturel Francais, Libreville (Gabon 2006), Centro Cultural Ruta Maya, Managua (Nicaragua 2006), Granados Hall Asuncion and Encarnacion (Paraguay 2006), Aarau and Olten jazzclubs (Switzerland 2005), Hong Kong Performing Arts Festival and Guangzhou Xhinghai Festival (China 2004), Jakarta Festival (Indonesia 2004), Sofia Jazz Peak (Bulgaria 2004), Tashkent Jazz Festival and Samarcanda (Uzbekistan 2003), Melbourne Italian Jazz Festival and Bennett’s Lane Jazzclub (Australia 2003), Jazz en Lima (Perù 2003), Mar del Plata Jazz Festival (Argentina 2003), Jazz Tour Montevideo (Uruguay 2003), No Borders Music (Italy 2003), Kaunas Jazz and Vilnius (Lithuania 2002), Locarno Jazz (Switzerland 2002), Montreal Jazz Festival, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival and Atlantic Jazz Festival Halifax (Canada 2001), Gostenhofer Jazztage Nuernberg (Germany 2001), Udine Jazz (Italy 2001), Half Note Athens (Greece 2001), San Sebastian Jazz Festival (Spain 2000), Newport Jazz Festival Torino (Italy 2000), Ocho Rios Jazz Festival (Jamaica 2000), Curacao Jazz Festival (Dutch Antilles 1999), Juan Sebastian Bar Caracas (Venezuela 1999), Jazzkaar Tallin (Estonia 1999), Festival Guanajuato and Festival Olimpio Merìda (Mexico 1999), Festival Jazz Corinthos and Athens Music Festival (Greece 1998), Festival Cervantino, Festival Metepec and Festival Guanajuato (Mexico 1997), Moritzburg Jazz Festival Halle (Germany 1996), Atlantis Basler Jazz Woche (Switzerland 1995), Jazz in Raab (Austria 1994), Int.l Jazz Days Zagreb (Croatia 1993), Jazz Days Liberec (Czech Rep. 1992), Jazz Festival Wuerzburg (Germany 1992), Lange Jazz Nacht Lindau (Germany 1991), Festival Jazz Sant Cugat (Spain 1990), Jazz Ost-West Nuernberg (Germany 1990), Messina Jazz Meeting (Italy 1989), Pannonton Jazz Napok Budapest (Hungary 1989), Prerov Jazz Days (Czech Rep. 1988), Euro Jazz Ivrea (Italy 1988), Sibiu Jazz (Romania 1986), Jazz Festival Gottwaldov and Blansko Jazz Days (Czech Rep. 1986), Cegled Jazz Show (Hungary 1986), Int.l Jazz Festival Prague (Czech Rep. 1984).



For private consultation contact Roberto Magris at



JMood Records is pleased to announce the release of the CD “Roberto Magris Sextet Live in Miami @ the WDNA Jazz Gallery”.

 “Saturday, February 6, 2016 was a bright sunny beautiful day, but, a more exciting and electric evening in Miami, Florida, one I won’t soon forget”, recalls Paul Collins, jazz impresario from Kansas City, Missouri, “it was my first time in Miami! I remember rushing around and driving frantically from Fort Lauderdale trying to get to Miami just in time for a group rehearsal at WDNA Jazz Gallery of the program material for later that evening. It was at that time I met for the first time the outstanding Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter Brian Lynch, Chuck Bergeron and John Yarling who would make up a large portion of the sextet along with two “young lions”. This was a unit put together by my friend and co-producer Edward Blanco. Upon my return that night was a thrill packed audience waiting to hear the music of international jazz pianist Roberto Magris, from Trieste, Italy accompanied by our new musical family from the Miami area. What occurred that evening was nothing less than spectacular! We had so much good material and such a warm embracing response from our audience toward the performance; it was difficult to narrow the final selection of music to just one lively and enthusiastic audio CD. The audience simply roars with pleasurable shouts and applause. Finally, this beautiful evening of music is available for you to hear, enjoy and celebrate with us.”           


JMood Records…A Sound Choice™ is an independent record label based in Kansas City, Missouri. Its mission is to create great music with a world view that will carve a space for the label to thrive in its own success.  Each composition is hand crafted and the artists are selected for their musical talent, potential and contribution to the whole, which makes the music, come alive! Our products follow a similar pattern of other successful and creative artists and entrepreneurs in the world. They are envisioned from beginning to end as a whole, as if each product is in the palms of our hands and fingers. Our products are available on our website at , CD, Pandora Radio, and a number of distributors around the world!


JMood Records is pleased to announce the release of “Prague After Dark”. This is the latest jazz project from Roberto Magris and his European jazz trio.

In fact, this trio is not so new at all! Roberto Magris, Frantisek Uhlir and Jaromir Helesic have been friends for over 25 years and performed in Prague and around Europe a number of times together since the 1980’s. Only recently have they decided to come back together and continue to create more music together.

The project is superb! Only a few standards are sprinkled in this project, the rest are original compositions by Magris and Uhlir.

Prague is a vibrant jazz town.  Both Frantisek and Jaromir are well known in Prague and throughout Europe for being of the best.

It is only 4,920 miles and just a little over 10 hours from Kansas City, Missouri to Prague, Czech Republic but this unit performs accessible jazz. “I was very excited to have Roberto performing with a great jazz unit in Europe”, says Paul Collins, jazz impresario from Kansas City. The music is fresh and captivating. With every listen I am totally absorbed in the music and only come to my senses when it is finished playing. There are more performances scheduled and other recording plans for this great European jazz unit. Keep your eyes and ears fixed on this great musical team”! 

Regards, Paul Collins

The CD  liner notes are written by Edward Blanco, Producer and Host of WDNA jazz radio and staff writer with


JMood Records is pleased to announce the release of the “New” Roberto Magris Trio CD entitled “Need to Bring Out Love”.

 “Need to Bring Out Love is a beautifully written straight-ahead jazz project by the Italian jazz pianist and Maestro Roberto Magris. The project boasts six original compositions with two cover tunes. One is an amazing energy packed arrangement of jazz pianist Don Pullen’s “Joycie Girl” and the second introduces the jazz world to and our “new” versatile jazz vocalist Julia Haile. The final track and CD title is a creative soul call for love, followed by our original Audio Notebook,” says Paul Collins of JMood Records.

 “Recently I attended a classic opera that delivered tons of music sound tracks and visual drama by the great Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti entitled “L’eliser d’amore” (The Elixir of Love). In it, Nemorino is looking for courage to declare his love for Adina. Unfortunately, an army officer Sergeant Belcore comes to town and falls in love with Adina. This leaves Nemorino looking for an elixir that would make Adina fall in love with him instead. The travelling salesman Dr. Dulcamara makes claims to have the cure all, in fact, an elixir of love.” His claim proves false, or does it? Nemorino is willing to spend all his money to have this love elixir.”  

 “Need to Bring Out Love is our jazz elixir of love. It will make you move about, tap your feet, reflect and find relative peace and yes, possibly love in these trying times. Dr. Dulcamara’s cure was nothing more than a cheap bottle of wine; however, for Nemorino, it was all he needed to find the courage and love of his life. I am not a doctor like Dulcamara, just a lover of this music called jazz. This in fact is my elixir. It cures most all my pains and solves most of my problems. Please take time to try this music and see for yourself.”  Musically yours, Paul Collins, JMood Records.          


JMood Records is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated "New" CD entitled "Enigmatix" by the Roberto Magris Trio-USA Team!

Included for your enjoyment is "JMood Records Audio Notebook" that gives you the producers perspective of our studio recordings. You will not find our traditional "Audio Notebook" on this CD! Why? Well, because we will be recording a sequel and the animated notebook will be included in that product. But, for those who can not wait, it is here for your pleasure. As enigmatic as this CD is, don't think I won't have more to say on the next one already in the working!!!

 Here it is!

 This is Paul Collins with JMood Records,

You are listening to “Enigmatix”  a “brand new” audio recording from the Roberto Magris Trio-USA Team. As I have mentioned in some of my previous notebooks, Monet is one of my favorite impressionists. This does not mean I fail to admire and appreciate the other masters of art. I just marvel at some of Monet’s’ works that capture some of the same scenes at different times, in different seasons, different days and sometimes different years! As some things change, some things stay the same....     

Enigmatix captures the global effects of music as it is seen now and in this new century. Roberto and I have not, until now, expressed this global effect in our music as a whole or in part and in this particular jazz genre.

We are privileged and admire the great body of work by artists with very little formal music education (those folks are truly amazing...!) and those with vast amounts of it! Most all of it, in many ways has found a place in my home, in our hearts and minds and across genre possibly for many years to come.

We have highly skilled and talented musicians with real jazz experience and knowledge on the scene today making  music which, in turn, brings to pop/contemporary music more and more elements that come from jazz,  such as jazz harmony, chords progressions, substitutions and jazz improvisation.

We also observe that “straight jazz” music is evolving more and more and looking into a wider musical frame that includes rhythm, influences from rap/urban beats, pop/rock and world music.

 This music scene unifies this vast body of global music by some common threads that we can see.

For example:

In the rhythm: the use of either rock/pop beats, urban beats and loops, jazz grooves whether straight or swing is possible within the same rhythmic frame that very easily moves from one color to the other.

Second, In the harmony: the use of chords progressions or modal scales that come from jazz is quite evident

Third, In the melody: there is the use of “themes” besides, the use of songs, which also demonstrates a knowledge of the jazz riffs.

 With some young upcoming and very talented musicians of the new generation assembled for this recording, we have driven ourselves and our music through this grid and a "new" sound and concept of music for the 20th century has emerged. This does not mean we have left straight-ahead jazz or the music and fans that got us here. We still have plenty to say from the jazz tradition. They will have to carry us both out in a wooden box for that to happen! So, work with us here....We are also aware that we have lost the development of music in combination with the developments of our society.

 For example, the music of the sixties was John Coltrane, free jazz, Jimi Hendrix and the Woodstock music, then we had the seventies, eighties, punk, disco music (still have some extended version LP’s in my library), so on and so forth. Since we have entered the new millennium, we have the impression that we do not have a music which represents our society and our globalized world, but we do see that young and some not so young musicians are working on that. Many times doing this Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga!!!  Some trends and some clues of this music seem to surface then and again, but the result is still “enigmatic”…..

 That brings us to the title of this project “Enigmatix”. In this music you will find nothing new or revolutionary, but, you will find a path (musical and emotional), for a kind of “global” approach to music. Jazz music, if you will.

Like those Monet paintings I love dearly, we are making music for and from what we feel and see out of our front and rear windows and at different times of the day, season and thru the years. It is my wish you listen find your favorite tracks and enjoy this beautiful lily pad we have created for you!

Musically yours,  

Paul Collins

Enjoy listening!

Please visit our website at

For additional titles and soon to be released!



JMood Records...A Sound Choice  is pleased to announce the release of the latest release by The Roberto Magris Trio entitled, "An Evening With Herb Geller & The Roberto Magris Trio."

 This tribute is just a snapshot in the life and time of the West coast jazz icon Herb Geller. When news of the loss of Herb Geller reached Roberto Magris and I, it was accepted with deep emotions.

Not only was Herb Geller a musical companion of Roberto Magris in Europe, a gifted musician, he was a trusted friend and musical advisor for several of our musical projects. This musical portrait captures two of many "live" performances and concerts performed by the music tandem Geller/Magris.

Over the past few years, Roberto and I wanted very much to get Herb back to the USA for a jazz recording. However, with his health failing, we felt it was wiser not to tax him with such a long flight from Germany to Kansas City, record and perform then head back to Germany. So, a dream recording was never realized, although Herb determinedly wanted to come! It proved to be one of the best decisions we made because Herb Geller was in and out of the hospital off and on afterward. However, on his good days, he and Roberto were out and about playing music together as usual. They were unstoppable!

That said, these tracks capture some of the "best" of the later years and is the last "live" recording of Herb Geller at the "Novi Sad Jazz Festival-Serbia and the bonus tracks recorded "live" at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria. On these recordings, nothing has been compromised. It is left totally intact as Roberto fondly remembers. My usual audio notebook have been left off intentionally for this "special" project and only minor audio and technical adjustments have been made by legendary mastering engineer Aldo Borrelli from Milan, Italy. Herb Geller is in top form physically, technically and musically. Roberto Magris and the trio-Europe consisting of Nikola Matosic, acoustic bass and Enzo Carpentieri, drums are stellar!

We are pleased to share this 2009 recording year with you and hope you enjoy the music as much as we did in preparing these stellar "live" takes!

To my friend, first and foremost and musical genius, Roberto Magris, whose steady hand and mind proved invaluable as we adhered to the original musical format. I am truly grateful!

Finally, but, certainly not the end, because, his music and musical influence has connected us to other legends and the tradition and will be with us for years to come! To our forever friend and mentor, Herb Geller.

This CD is available immediately for JMood Fans on the "JMood Website"-"Purchase All CDs Here" tab and will eventually be available on CD and other distribution sites around the world.

Paul Collins, JMood Records


For Immediate Release

Kansas City, MO. June 1, 2014. JMood Records Clef Club Music Series International is pleased to announce the addition of multi-talented musician, composer and band leader Olujimi Tafataona (born Chris James) to the JMood family.

 Olujimi lives in Detroit, Michigan and is the leader of the prevalent “ln The Tradition” band.  With 4 CD’s to their credit (“Sirius!” praised by CD as the top jazz subgenres of 2012), “In The Tradition” band continues to expand their passion, popularity and musical influence across the globe.

 “Olujimi is an asset to the JMood Record label”, says jazz impresario Paul Collins. “Olujimi works with a very talented and respected group of individual artists based in Detroit. They can expand or contract their unit on demand; however, their favorite and most popular unit consists of a 9piece ensemble! This unit includes various sax horns, trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, clarinet and flute, in addition to a dynamic rhythm section. Their music weaves Afrocentric rhythms and patterns in a tasteful and accessible blend that pleases the soul, mind and gets the body moving. Olujimi takes the lead in composing and arranging but he can also rely on Charles Hopkins, (Clark Terry’s nephew) co-founder and Foluke Shearer the band’s pianist to contribute a cornucopia of musical ideas. This group has performed at a number of jazz and cultural festivals around the country and is currently scheduled to perform at the 2014 “Grand Rapids Jazz Festival” (Saturday, August 16 and Sunday, August 17) along with other artists including Detroit's own Alexander Zonjic and the headliner Rick Braun.” 

 Olujimi and “In The Tradition” are currently in studio working on “new” material to be released on the JMood Records ClefClub Music Series International™ label. 

For more information about this topic or to schedule an interview please contact Paul Collins @ 816.377.1950 or email: or visit our website @


JMood Records™ is pleased to announce the release of international recording artist Roberto Magris’ “new” CD entitled, “Morgan Rewind: A Tribute to Lee Morgan Volume 2”.  

Project Overview:

Over 4 years in the making, “Morgan Rewind… Volume 2” is JMood Records definitive work from  visionary producer Paul Collins and the intrinsic musical sensibilities of international recording artist Roberto Magris.  It covers a prolific period in Lee Morgan’s musical career from 1963-1968. During that time, his music was heavily influenced by African rhythmic patterns and titles. Roberto and crew have re-created those rhythms, melodic textures and contrasts.  It has become a sort of signature sound for Lee Morgan. “Roberto used a different approach, frontline and a lot of creative freedom on this one! The music jumped off the board in the studio, says jazz impresario Paul Collins. Each artist latched on musically to the rewind and review of Lee Morgan’s compositions with compelling arrangements by Roberto Magris. It has taken over 4 years to finish this project and bring it to market, but, to me, it was worth the wait!”

 This project has been recorded in “High Definition Audio” for exceptional use in home theatre, car, MP3 or your favorite mobile devices.”  

The CD is available "now" exclusively at the JMood Records™ Store at  , CD and other physical and digital distributors throughout the world.

With kind regards,

JMood Records

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JMood Records is pleased to announce the release of The Roberto Magris Trio "New" CD "One Night In With Hope and More Volume 2"

 “One Night In…V2” is a complement to the “4 star” session of “One Night In…V1.” It continues to reflect on the great music written and recorded by ivory giants of the 1950’s. You will notice we have added a few more artists for your listening pleasure. “The trio unit has always been a great vehicle for us to express the creativity, passion and musicianship of each artist selected for our projects, says music impresario and producer Paul Collins. This project is no different. With three awesome drummers (Albert “Tootie” Heath, Brian Steever and Idris Muhammad) and two awesome bassists (Elisa Pruett and Dominique Sanders) and lead by Roberto Magris’ signature piano sound, we have captured the spirit of each composition recorded for this session.”

This project has also been recorded in “High Definition Audio” for exceptional use in home theatre, car, MP3 or mobile devices.”  

The CD will be available at the JMood Records™ Store at  and other physical and digital distributors throughout the world.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support! Look for more great releases from JMood Records™.

With kind regards,

JMood Records…A Sound Choice™

"JMood Records ClefClub Music Series"

JMood Records is pleased to announce the launch of it's "new" boutique label "JMood Records ClefClub Music Series".

This label will explore the many sides of its' eclectic owners musical interests which range from classical to rock!

"The ClefClub Music Series" will allow me to pick, choose or produce music that reflect my many musical facets" says music impresario Paul Collins. "Roberto and I have built a great catalog with straight-ahead jazz music on JMood Records and will continue to do that. That will never change! However, the "new" label will allow me to unleash my additional musical passions through JMood's boutique brand.

There are two releases scheduled in 2014 with more planned that music lovers will enjoy!" Stay tuned to this website for additional updates.

Yours truly, JMood Records…A Sound Choice!™



JMood Records... A Sound Choice, New Cd Release

JMood Records™ is pleased to announce the release of international recording artist Roberto Magris’ “new” CD entitled, “Cannonball Funk N’ Friends”.  It officially hits the streets October 24, 2013. However, for those JMood fans who want the music now, it is available!

 "Cannonball Funk N’ Friends” is not just another JMood Record’s tribute CD", states Paul Collins, jazz impresario. "We have produced a number of straight-ahead projects, but, wanted to add a jazz funk project to the music catalog. We have used Julian “Cannonball” Adderley and his brother Nat during their funk years, as a starting point.

We have chosen some obvious material yet surprising at the same time. The themes and compositions span from bebop to jazz rock. Each composition has completely new arrangements and reinvented structures.  Enjoy our different perspective and the musical variety! This project has also been recorded in “High Definition Audio” for exceptional use in home theatre, car, MP3 or mobile devices.”  

 The CD is available at the JMood Records™ Store at  , CD and other distributors throughout the world.



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"Freedom Jazz Dance" with host Ken Hohman

"Click" on the link below to tune in to "Freedom Jazz Dance" radio show hosted by Ken Hohman dated July 14, 2013. He features the varied music discography of Roberto Magris for (1) hour!!!


JMood Records


JMood Records...A Sound Choice ™ is pleased to announce the release of international recording artist Roberto Magris’ “New” CD entitled, “Ready For Reed-Sam Reed Meets Roberto Magris”.  

Paul Collins, jazz music impresario says,  “Ready For Reed-Sam Reed Meets Roberto Magris” is a brilliant compilation of Magris’ signature jazz standards and original pieces that are simply captivating! This was a joy to put together! It resembles the great jazz tradition, but , blazes a trail musically that is truly memorable and blissful.”   

This project was recorded in “High Definition” audio, so, the listener will enjoy the full sound of their music theatre at home, in car unit, mobile or electronic device.

 Included in the CD, are a total of (11) tracks which features our signature “Audio Notebook” with an in depth interview with Philadelphia, PA’s own Sam Reed, an almost forgotten jazz music legend. There are (2) original compositions, (2) re-arranged compositions and (6) jazz standards that connect these brilliant efforts to the jazz tradition.

The CD  or MP3 is available at the JMood Records™ Store at and CD and other distributors around the world.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support! Look for more great releases from JMood Records™.

 With kind regards,

Paul Collins, JMood Records…A Sound Choice™

JMood Records... "A Sound Choice" New CD Release

Jazz impresario Paul Collins states, “Aliens In A Bebop Planet is a beautiful jazz portrait in which Roberto Magris plays a musical alien that has landed on a musical planet and excitedly stumbles across a past jazz era full of rich bebop classics. He meticulously gathers some of the best jazz compositions from this space trek and brings them home to investigate, study, then, uses them to become a better jazz musician. So, like an alien that has landed on a bebop planet, Roberto has since been studying in real earnest to recover lost musical treasures then extract the essence of a people and legends in an era gone by but not forgotten. That is not without making his musical contributions from this exciting space trek.”
The result is a jazz masterpiece!
 Included in the double CD set are 13 new compositions and 5 revisited standards in addition to JMood Records original audio notebook.
The CD will be available at CD and the JMood Records Store at

JMood Records..."A Sound Choice"  is pleased to announce the release of Roberto Magris Space Trek double CD project entitled “Aliens In a Bebop Planet.”

 Jazz impresario Paul Collins states, “Aliens In A Bebop Planet is a beautiful jazz portrait in which Roberto Magris plays a musical alien that has landed on a musical planet and excitedly stumbles across a past jazz era full of rich bebop classics. He meticulously gathers some of the best jazz compositions from this space trek and brings them home to investigate, study, then, uses them to become a better jazz musician. So, like an alien that has landed on a bebop planet, Roberto has since been studying in real earnest to recover lost musical treasures then extract the essence of a people and legends in an era gone by but not forgotten. That is not without making his musical contributions from this exciting space trek.”
The result is a jazz masterpiece!
Included in the double CD set are 13 new compositions and 5 revisited standards in addition to JMood Records original audio notebook.
The CD will be available at CD and the JMood Records Store at


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JMood Records... A Sound Choice™


"One Night In With Hope and More Vol. 1" is another brilliant straight-ahead jazz recording project by international jazz recording artist Roberto Magris and producer Paul Collins of JMood Records..."A Sound Choice"

This project is a sterling example of the dual vision, single purpose of artist and producer. The project revisits music from ivory giants of the 1940’s and 50’s. It features the compositions of Elmo Hope, Mal Waldron, Tadd Dameron and several others in addition to some original compositions in this piano style by the gifted jazz pianist and composer, Roberto Magris.

"Ivory giants cannot and will not be forgotten, even though at some point we want to be recognized for our contributions to this music," says jazz impresario Paul Collins. The project is important in the annals of jazz because it brings back to life the works of some of the greatest jazz piano innovators of our time. They are the DiVinci of jazz! These jazz pioneers are almost forgotten in today’s idioms. These artists are credited, in their relatively short careers with innovation and perpetuating jazz to another level, in addition to inspiring the next generation of jazz artists."

Roberto Magris captures the essence of their relevance, elevates this music and pays homage along with some outstanding musical talent. Elisa Pruett, acoustic bass is a standout and mainstay of the JMood Record label having made her debut appearance on the highly acclaimed JMood Records CD "Mating Call" with Idris Muhammad and "Morgan Rewind: A Tribute To Lee Morgan Vol.1, with Albert "Tootie" Heath and filling the coveted seat after the loss of another JMood Records mainstay, Dr. Art Davis. Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums is a member of one of America’s legendary jazz families and needs no lengthy introduction, period. Last, but not least, Roberto Magris, acoustic piano has performed in over 30 countries, has recorded over 16 CD’s with several labels, one of which was Italy’s legendary SoulNote/Black Saint Record. Magris has a number of highly acclaimed CD projects under the "JMood Records...A Sound Choice" label.

"One Night In With Hope And More Vol. 1"

Roberto Magris, acoustic piano

Elisa Pruett, acoustic bass

Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums 

JMood Records... "A Sound Choice"


Dear JMood International Jazz Fans...
"New" reviews of the Roberto Magris Quintet CD reviews "Morgan Rewind: A Tribute To Lee Morgan Vol. 1" from international jazz critics have been posted on the "Press/Reviews" tab of the website.
Musically yours,
JMood Records

Dear JMood International Jazz Fans...
"New" reviews of the Roberto Magris Quintet CD reviews "Morgan Rewind: A Tribute To Lee Morgan Vol. 1" from international jazz critics have been posted on the "Press/Reviews" tab of the website.
Musically yours,
JMood Records..."A Sound Choice"